we make things

called "Notification Relay Servers" and provide associated cloud services and mobile apps.

that control things

our products and services can be used to remotely control electrical devices e.g.: video alarm systems, burglar alarms, lights, gates, doors, manufacturing and farming machines

and send notifications

our products and services can be used to spark in app notifications based on events such as: door openings, video system armed/disarmed, burglar alarm activation.



IPIO enables scheduling, sharing, monitoring and analysis of electrical appliances using an app. Feedback can be given to users through customised notifications at desired times.


IPIO listens to DVR events continuously & allows mobile users to select what events they want to be notified about. IPIO converts a DVR viewing app into an Always on, Mostly off smart agent.

IPIO and Burglar Alarms

The user will receive in app notifications of alarm activations and have a switch control to stop the external bell ringing. IPIO can be used instead of a standard “phone dialer” & works with most alarm panels!

To talk to us about notification services, or to pre-order IPIO contact:

+44 28 7186 7626