The IPIO enclosure contains a single board computer (SBC) and a selection of relay switches depending upon the type of IPIO. A 5V power cable, electrical multi core cable and an ethernet cable are included.

To connect to your appliance, you wire up the appliance to the IPIO unit. An IPIO can connect with any 5-30V device. If needed, an IPIO can be connected to a mains relay to work with larger volt appliances. IPIO units are hardwired to connect to the internet using a RJ45 wire.

Full wiring manual here.

Unlike a phone dialer, IPIO doesn't need a sim card. IPIO eliminates the need for fobs (and replacement fobs!) instead, making use of a mobile device that the user already possesses. There is a choice of four different types of IPIO units. The choice depends on the specifics of the application that the IPIO is being used for.

Type Relays Example
A 4 Output Relays Uses include gates or lights (any electrical device really!)
B 4 Input Relays Works with alarms, for basic notification of an event happening.
A/B 2 Output Relays, 2 Input Relays A more complex alarm system, allowing for an action to be taken after the event occurs.
C No Relay Switches - listens for or creates virtual events only. Perfect for DVR as it listens to event continuously and notifies you of selected events. ~ ~ (+44) 028 71867626
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